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Our company was founded in1964October, predecessor is machinery manufacturing, since 1978, turned to the production of glass lining equipment, after 40 years of development, enterprises have begun to take shape. Company existing staff one thousand people, including engineering and technical personnel more than 200 people, covers an area of 142000square meters, construction area of 85000square meters, of which production workshop and old plant15600 square meters, the new plant38000 square meters. The main production equipment more than 500sets, with assets of two hundred million yuan.

The main products of the company a variety of glass-lined reactor, storage tank, retort, all kinds of tower section, drying and mixing machine, condenser, non-standard type I, II, III pressure vessels, containers, stainless steel lining chemical equipment, water treatment equipment. Product specifications from 50L to80000L, with the production of the following specifications 80000L enamel glass equipment production capacity, annual production capacity of 50000 tons and above. The company is the country with the industry's leading enterprises, with I, II, III class pressure vessel design, manufacturing qualification and glass-lined equipment production license, passed the IS09001-2000quality management system certification. For Fourteen consecutive years by the Department of industry and commerce, awarded" the contract, and trustworthy enterprise" title, in 2007 by the Taizhou city industry and commerce departments awarded" AAA grade credit enterprise" the title of.

My company annual production at the national counterparts come out in front, China glass industry is one of the top ten enterprises. Throughout the country has thousands of users, some products exported to Thailand, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Hungary, South Africa, India, Bangladesh etc..

Company chairman Zhu Xiaohe ( Senior Economist ) is the National Glass Industry Association Secretary-General, standing director. Company technical director Yuan Wangqi ( Engineer ) is the national glass-lined equipment Standardization Technical Committee of the fourth session of the Fifth Committee members. The company of glass lined equipment liability population Ji Gen (Engineer) is a national industrial products production permit registration review one. Our company is glass lining machine industry standard-setting units, is the glass lining equipment type agitator vessels and glass-lined equipment closed mixing container standard drafting one of the units.

Our company is both scale, manufacturing technology, production capacity, sales and other aspects in the national counterparts have a play a decisive role location, the company's survival and development is affecting the entire industry pulse, the company's technical progress. The company production of glass lining equipment is the large-scale chemical enterprises in Zhejiang and into a new company, Zhejiang Beijing new pharmaceutical limited company.

For the implementation of brand strategy, to cultivate international competitive ability of brand products to participate in international competition, our company in the near five years of brand cultivation plan:

In 1, the guiding ideology: to firmly establish the scientific outlook on development, to the national industrial development program as the basis, striving to provincial famous brand product and famous brand, in order to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, to enhance our city's economic strength contribution.

2, planning objectives: business development train of thought is: five years a product of Chinese famous brand, famous brand, product specifications and the development of 50000L, ten years a well-known trademark, glass-lined equipment product specifications to80000L above, sales quadrupled.

In short, today is twentieth Century the key that economy revitalizes, thousands of ships sailing,100 barge rapids, we Yang Yang company to progress in science and technology as the premise, with progressive ideas, unity and harmonious atmosphere for business, pragmatic style of work, and strive to build their own brand, increase market competition capacity ceaselessly, make the product involvement international competition.

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